We have over a decade of experience with Wireless Lighting Control solutions at Imagine in new construction or retrofit scenarios.  We can use wired lighting control solutions for new construction which can be extended wirelessly. While we help you save energy, the lighting control system can set the mood of a space and provide the ability to control the lighting via a smartphone or tablet.

The aesthetic impact of a lighting great lighting design combined with a flexible lighting control solution is stunning. Having worked with some of the world’s top Lighting Designers, we bring our knowledge and experience to the implementation of the lighting control solution in your home


One of the best ways of describing the role of lighting and lighting design and it's impact on us, and what it is all about is the trademarked tag line of DPA Lighting Consultants ( http://www.dpalighting.com ), who are one of the oldest and most revered Lighting Design Practices in the world:

“Right Light, Right Place, Right Time”™

We are very proud to have successfully executed several projects with them as the Lighting Designers.