Our passion is seeing our clients enjoy using the technology systems we deliver. We have been delivering cutting edge technology systems since 2005, we outgrew the fascination with technology itself long ago, but retained our passion for it. However, we are focused on the comfort, convenience, entertainment, and peace of mind that we can provide for our clients. The technology is just an enabler.

We enable the control of your Air Conditioning, Lighting, Curtains and Blinds, Irrigation System, Music and Home Theater Systems, Surveillance Cameras, and anything else that you may desire as long as it has an interface, to be controlled from your smartphone or tablet from within your home or remotely. Whether you have sophisticated control needs for the entire home or require a simple solution for a room, we can provide solutions from all the leading brands of control systems


Windows are a key design element in any space. However, achieving the greatest beauty and efficiency in each room means being able to control the light that surrounds us. Motorized shading and drapery transforms harsh glare into soft pleasing light, enhances privacy while preserving exterior views, reduces solar heat gain, provides UV protection of expensive furnishings and artwork, and provides the ability to change daytime into nighttime for restful sleep. Clients and designers have hundreds of window treatment fabric and color options available to compliment any décor.


A network is any business or residential environments’ central nervous system. We’ll help lay a solid and reliable foundation that’s ready for today’s technology and for tomorrow’s. Our experience has shown a hard-wired solution almost always works best. So, why not wireless? For most home entertainment and communications applications, wireless should only be used if it is not feasible or cost effective to get a wire to a location. Either way, we will work with you to find a networking solution.


Video distribution means enjoying movies or games in any of the rooms that are part of the system. You could be enjoying cable TV in the living room, while the kids are watching a film in the media room and your spouse is sitting outside catching up on their favorite streaming series, all with the equipment in one location (keeping the clutter out of each room). We provide elegant control for simple operation, streamlined design for efficient use of components, and reduced costs from elimination of infrequently used cable/satellite boxes.


Audio Distribution systems send music to any room in your home or office via a central processor. Control of your music play­lists is simple and intuitive by means of a touch panel, keypad, handheld RF remote, iPad or similar Wi-Fi device. Whether the speakers are placed in the walls of your loft, the ceiling of your mansion, or by the pool of your property, each Audio Distribution system is uniquely designed to blend in with its surroundings in order to minimize the visual impact.


If your coffee table is littered with five remote controls - and you can’t figure out which one turns the Blu-Ray or SAT Box on - we’ve got your solution! Intelligent home control devices put an end to remote overload. With one reliable & user-friendly device, anyone in your family can operate the entertainment system, lights, thermostats, shades and more.


As part of simplifying your digital lifestyle, we install media servers that will stream music, movies and TV shows anywhere in your home or business network from the Internet. Outside or in, one room or whole-home, our systems can be controlled entirely from your smartphone or tablet.


In many parts of the region, summers can be nearly unbearable, and in some parts, the winters can leave you shivering. When it comes to your family or staff, you want dependable air conditioning and heating systems that provide you with value as well as comfort. From adjusting the temperature of your hot tub and pool, to the temperature management of each room of your home. Automated climate controls pay for themselves by conserving energy at every point of use throughout the night and day. They adjust for personal wants and needs, peak usage and time of day, without you ever having to think about any of it.


With real-time monitoring, it is possible to look at your home energy consumption patterns and see where energy is being used efficiently - or inefficiently. Let our control systems optimize energy consumption while maintaining comfort.  We work closely with architects and builders, as well, who desire to execute such energy-saving ideas into their projects.