Your Customised Aftersale's Support Plan

There are two simple truths about electronics: One, they are going to need service or replacement at some point and two, technology keeps advancing and getting better.

Imagine is your Technology Concierge.

Our very own SENTINEL Plan is a customized Preventive & Reactive Support Services Delivery plan that is designed to support the Information Technology Infrastructure & Audio Visual Systems of our clients.

Beyond the typical service calls, Imagine fulfills the role of a Technology Concierge by being your technology consultant; your trusted advisor on all things integration technology related.

As the years pass by and significant new technologies emerge, Imagine will reach out to you proactively and notify you of recommended upgrades, to ensure you are enjoying the latest in entertainment, security, and intuitive controls that make life easier and more fun!

We offer Service/Maintenance Agreements tailored to each client’s needs to ensure that their investment is secure.

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