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Welcome to ImagIne

ImagIne was founded ten years ago in 2004, and since its inception, has been the source for the finest home theater and high performance music systems, lighting control and automation solutions in the region.

Brand Representation and Distribution

ImagIne strives to introduce our Custom Install and System Integration Partners and their clients to cutting edge, best of breed, products, solutions and technologies. We are a company driven by excellence and take on representation of brands we believe in. Every brand in our portfolio represents a company which is known for excellence and superior craftsmanship and cutting edge technologies and its implementation.

Services for the Design Industry

With its team of very skilled experienced professionals, ImagIne has developed a reputation for its ability to design and deliver audio visual and automation solutions to world class standards while working closely with some of the best Interior Designers, Lighting Designers and Architects in the world. We specialize in providing Home Theatre design and build services to the Design Industry. With a full set of AutoCAD “shop” drawings for the build. We also provide Home Automation / ELV (Low Voltage Systems Design for your clients.

A Deep Understanding of “Convergence”

Due to our backgrounds in Information Technology in the Enterprise, and our passion for music systems and home theater, we have a deep understanding of “convergence”. “Convergence” is sources of content moving to the “cloud”, and delivered using internet protocols and technologies to the end consumer. We are able to integrate convergence into the solutions we design for our Custom Install and System Integration Partners and Customers.

Our Core Solutions

Music Systems

High Performance 2 Channel Music Systems and Multi-Room

Due to our love of music, and our passion for vinyl (LPs) and high resolution digital audio playback systems, we at ImagIne are able to put together hi-fi music systems with unprecedented levels of performance.

We have the skills to put together and setup the finest two channel systems for Vinyl / LP playback or high resolution 24-bit, 96 kHz or 192 kHz music downloads playback. We can provide solutions that playback 32-bit, 384 kHz and native DSD files.

We can also provide solutions for Multi-Room Audio and Video and Landscape (Outdoor) Audio and Video system solutions.

Home Theater and Luxury Home Cinema

Bespoke Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Some of our Custom Installation and System Integration partners see us as the Home Theater specialists and call us in to design and deliver home theater elements of their projects.

We have designed and commissioned several dedicated home cinemas and home theaters for our partners and clients which perform well beyond any Commercial Cinema or Screening room. We work very closely with the Interior Design team and Architect to deliver a Home Theater or dedicated Home Cinema that performs well beyond Commercial Cinemas or Screening Rooms, while realizing the vision of the interior design of the room.

If you would like a Home Theater that performs and integrates into the interior design vision of a room, please get in touch with us.

Lighting Control and Automation

Mood Lighting and Home Automation

An intelligent Lighting Control system can help achieve LEED Certification, energy savings, extending lamp life, adding convenience, and enhancing the look and feel of a space.

We believe that the best Interior Design combined with the use of the finest materials and finishes for a Residential or Commercial space is not complete without a great lighting design and an intelligent Lighting Control system.

We have Wired, Wireless and Wired+Wireless (Hybrid) Lighting Control solutions that can be installed in several scenarios, including new construction, during a remodel or even as a retrofit solution.

IT Services

IT Infrastructure and Applications Deployment

Due to our background in the IT Consulting Services world, we are as comfortable in your home as we are in a large Enterprise IT Datacenter. We have extensive experience in deploying IT infrastructure projects and Business Applications whether on premise or in the cloud.

We do provide several other solutions, some of which can be found in the left column of this page or from the top navigation menu. If you require anything unique and special, that is not mentioned here, please call or e-mail us.

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Reference SystemStax SR-009
Reference Stereo Systems
One of our two channel reference systems: Incorporating state of the art speakers from Dynaudio, amplification from Krell, a music server, and SACD/CD Player and DAC from Esoteric.
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Luxury Home Cinema
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