We realize that selecting the right technology specialist for your home or business is a challenge. The choice you make will have consequences that will stay with you long after the installation is complete. Every company you speak with will tell you that they are the best fit for your particular project. But how can you know for sure?

Considered an industry pioneer in the region, Imagine has designed and installed many custom systems for some of the most discerning clients regionally and internationally.

Over the last decade, Imagine has fostered alliances with an elite pool of Architectural Consultants, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, Lighting Designers, Acoustical Consultants, Custom Installers and System Integrators in the Middle East, Africa and India, allowing us to scale our resource pool for any size project in any country.

Our partnerships in the Architectural and Design world enable us to bring a team of award-winning designers to the table to create amazing spaces and provide complete design services, as well as design and build solutions. Whether it's a Luxury Villa, a Hotel, or a Skyscraper, we can scale our capabilities to suit the specific needs of our customers.


Technology and design has always been at the forefront of what we do and our project portfolio ranges from Residential and Commercial Solutions to Yachts. Whether it is smart home automation, custom designed home theater, outdoor audio and video, lighting control,  multi room streaming, telephony, video conferencing, wired and wireless networking, surveillance, intrusion detection, or access control we have a solution for you.

Think of us as your consultants for your audio visual and automation needs.


We are very proud of ourselves for having done many "firsts" since we have been in business. Our solution portfolio is large, and if we add the solutions our partners can provide, it is even larger. We love challenges, e.g. an egg shaped reference grade media room with the Master Bedroom above and someone else's apartment below, or converting your pool area in a penthouse into a squash court which requires architectural acoustic isolation, or a media room with rotating  seating, which turns to the right "view" to show the owners a beautiful ocean view or their large format home cinema screen.

We have designed and built a Tier 3 Data Center for a billion dollar business for one of our clients, who knew our Enterprise IT background.

Whether it is for your home or your business, please talk to us about what your requirements are, no matter how far fetched you may think it may be, we will do our best to realize your vision.

Some solutions that we are typically requested to provide on a regular basis are below:


Imagine’s SENTINEL Plan is a customized Preventive and Reactive Support Services Delivery plan that is designed to support the Audio Visual Systems and Information Technology Infrastructure of our clients.

The SENTINEL service is also available to clients that may be unhappy with their current Custom Installer, System Integrator or Solution Provider.

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Imagine Group Limited and Imagine Technologies LLC were founded in 2004 and 2005 respectively, and are products of the passion, imagination and innovation of the Founders, who took their personal love of music and audio-visual technology to a space where they could share their expertise and vision with like-minded others and to fulfill a knowledge gap in the marketplace, driven by the need to raise the bar in terms of what was possible when it came to music systems, home theater and home automation in the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Sub-continent.

The business has evolved and grown over the years, with an ever-expanding portfolio of world-class brands and products, systems and technologies as well as a similarly passionate team of specialists and technicians, some of whom have been with us since inception.

Our success over the last decade has always relied on two guiding principles: working meticulously towards creating amazing experiences for our clients; and building relationships that evolve way beyond project completion.

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